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Finding and shaping new value.
Peopledesign Branding
Expressing value and purpose.
Peopledesign CX
Customer & User Experience
Delivering value through interfaces and interactions.
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Commercial Design
Unique expertise with built environment companies.

Customer Experience

Delivering value for customers, employees, and stakeholders.
Customer loyalty is earned one touchpoint at a time. From service design to a digital interaction, focused, intentional customer journeys inform and guide user choices. Shaping behavior is a powerful tool that can benefit both users and organizations.

We can't actually design a person’s experience – we create opportunities to affect an experience. If we think proactively and strategically about a user or customer experience, we increase the odds of improving it.
Customer Experience - Peopledesign

Customer Journey Mapping
Document and planning how your customer interacts with your brand can help optimize their experience. We help you audit and improve your CX strategy.

Product Experience
Each product interaction can make or break the value proposition. We help you with the launch, packaging, promotion, unboxing, first use, creating habits, and customer loyalty.

Service Portfolio Planning
Your products and services should extend your position. We audit and help you organize, optimize, and plan your offer portfolio.

Digital Transformation
Innovation and disruption are reshaping marketplaces. We help you increase your focus your intent and align resources to maximize your opportunity.

Customer Touchpoint Analysis
A deeper understanding of customer context helps you optimize each interaction. We help you redefine customer engagements in the context of scale, technology, and metrics.

Employee Experience
HR today needs to be more than transactional; great talent is transformational. We help you extend your purpose to talent-driven approaches to help you attract and retain catalysts for growth.

Selling Narratives
Brand stories different playbooks for different audiences and situations. We help you define selling narratives to help customers see your value.

Internal Alignment
Maximizing CX requires backstage alignment. We help you move toward a culture of customer focus, absorbing complexity.

Communications Alignment
From sales activation to customer service, marketing automation to social selling, every channel is hungry for content. We help you align your strategy with a communications and asset plan.

Multiple Audiences
Most businesses serve several audiences simultaneously. We help you map meaningfully differentiated paths for each segment.

User/Customer Research
You can ask people what they want, but they can't tell you what they need. We conduct people-centered research to discover unmet needs.

Brand Alignment
Making a brand promise you don't keep is almost worse than not making one at all. We help you align your approach to deliver value.

Lorin - Peopledesign
We continue to drive the marketing strategy that you and your team helped us build. It is great to see that the market is excited about our new brand.

Park Kersman
President, Lorin Industries

Amway eSpring Global Rebrand
I have worked with a number of creative agencies and can say with confidence that Peopledesign is one of the very best I have encountered.

Matthew Darin
Global Brand Management, Amway

GVSU - Peopledesign
The Laker Effect program is overwhelmingly popular with all constituencies and we owe that success to your leadership and expertise.

Nancy French
Senior Director of Communications, GVSU

Designing Experiences

User Experience / Customer Experience / Service Design / Interaction Design

Kevin Budelmann, Peopledesign - IxDA Milan

is a past president of IxDA, the Interaction Design Association.

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